Our Story


We first off, want to thank you for your time and interest in our products. We are a startup company out of California, and are driven by providing our customers with exceptional grooming products. Our motivation for creating this company, is fueled by the desire to replace harmful and cheap products sold in high-end retail stores, for an all natural, higher quality product at an affordable price.

We are constantly looking to better ourselves and our products, by keeping the customer at the forefront of each decision. This is the key to success in our eyes.

We hand make each item to ensure the quality of our product is maintained, setting our standards high above our competition. We enjoy making a product that has all natural ingredients and hope that one-day, every product in stores will be all natural, paraben free.

We empower the modern gentlemen to be exceptional men, taking care of themselves with our exceptional grooming products each day. We consider ourselves, firstly, to be in the people business, and secondly to be in the grooming business. This helps keep our motivation in the right place, keeping the customer’s wellbeing at the top of the list.




Meet The Team


Clint is a mechanical engineer, with 7+ years experience in the mechanical field. With a background in chemistry, he is the head brewer and an aspiring entrepreneur.

Carlos is studying to be a mechanical engineer and has 5+ years in customer service and project management. He is inspired by proper barber trimming techniques and customer relations.