#ManlyMotivation - Meet Blake Slatten

Welcome back from the holidays! This week's #ManlyMotivation testimony goes out to our brother Blake Slatten. A father, husband and an all around enjoyable dude. 

These Manly Motivational stories, are weekly series of short stories where we promote someone who we think embodies an exceptional gentleman. We tell their story in hopes that this can motivate men towards a healthier lifestyle, to push past the easy route and ultimately be better men. 

In these shoutouts, we ask three simple tasks:

  1. Provide us with a short testimony of your story, focusing on what you do, how you got there and what drives you to keep pushing to be exceptional everyday.
  2. Tell us about any goals or aspirations you may still have and hope to achieve sometime in the future. 
  3. Provide us with a photo of you, that represents you as a man. It doesn't matter what it is, and doesn't even have to be just about you (we received family photos as well). Because this is what YOU want to show the world. What matters to you, send us that. 

So let's hear it! Blake Slatten everyone:

    1. Short Testimony - Blake is an international church planting pastor, who has movie quotes for days, eats only bananas and can huck a marsh-mellow 100 mph. But with this upbeat, super dad, passion for life, comes a strong devotion:
    "My world got rocked in Mozambique Africa in 2004. I was a Sophomore in college going to serve at an orphanage when my eyes were opened to a broken world. I knew on that 2 week trip I would be changed forever. From that point until now, I have devoted my life to seeing the helpless, lost, and broken people of the world be made whole again."
    2. Goals and Aspirations - 
    What do you think motivates a man to be exceptional?
    "If I could sum up in one word what motivates me to be as exceptional as I can be, that word is "love". Love conquers all."
    Dreams come true to those who dedicate their lives to something good:
    "My dream of moving to Africa is quickly becoming a reality. My wife and I along with our three kids are moving to South Africa in 2020 to serve the people there. We are stoked beyond belief for our dream to come true."
    Dannnggg, what a passion for growth and adventure this dude has! If you'd like to give him a shout of encouragement or support his journey, give him a social follow @blakeslatten. 
    Thanks for reading! And as always, keep it classy. 

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