Wholesale Opportunities:

Are you interested in selling our product in your store? First off, thank you for you're interest! 

Secondly, we do offer items for wholesale, mainly for retail stores and barbershops/salons looking to carry our products. All wholesale orders are inquired via email at uncutstandards@gmail.com. 

1. Minimum order quantity of 20 units total. This can be a mixture of the different products we carry, or all one product type.

2. Turnaround for shipments range from 2-3 weeks depending on size and the type of order. 

3. Please email for wholesale pricing quotes.

4. We do not control retail sales or prices once the items are purchased at wholesale, we simply recommend retail ballpark pricing for the best results. 

5. We thank you for checking out our wholesale options and hope that one day we can do business together!

Email us at uncutstandards@gmail.com for wholesale inquiries .