Three Pack #2 - Mustache and Beard Balm
Three Pack #2 - Mustache and Beard Balm
Three Pack #2 - Mustache and Beard Balm

Three Pack #2 - Mustache and Beard Balm

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The three fragrances in this set are: Date Night blend, Barber shoppe blend and Zen blend. We paired these together for an all around beneficial package for the outgoing adventuristic man.

Our newly formulated mustache and beard balm moisturizes your facial hair while softening your skin! 

Get this value pack to have an array of scents for each daily adventure. We recommend a going-out blend, an everyday blend and a sensual calming blend, for your pillow will love you for it!

Gentlemen, you no longer need to worry about that stinky, scruffy, rough hair on your face. Our formula keeps your face looking, feeling and smelling great. Our organic beard balm moisturizes without all of the extra oils and greases that are found in beard oils. (No more beard acne!)

Ladies, fear no more! Rest at ease knowing that your guy's face will smell amazing and his hair will soften after each use. (No more rough, scruffy kisses!)

At Uncut Standards, we use only pure, organic ingredients: 

-Shea butter
-Cocoa butter
-Jojoba Oil
-Argan Oil
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Various Essential Oils
-Vitamin E
-Natural Preservatives

Even through new solutions and ideas, we have kept our core values at heart: organic, handmade and affordable products. We believe each of these is essential to maintain the highest quality. 

We are currently offering our mustache and beard balm in a 1 ounce tin. We would love your feedback on our product as we are constantly looking to improve our formula.

Not sure which scent you'll like best? We plan to offer sample sizes soon, so be sure to check back at our shop for updates!

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